$60 "The Leaning Tower of KitKat"

Stands approximately 2 feet tall and contains 40 pieces! This is a chocolate bouquet of 6 original KitKats, 6 white chocolate, 12 fun size dark chocolate, 13 miniature red velvet, 2 KitKat Snack Mixes and a bag of unwrapped minis! The price listed is $60 Custom ordering is available. Prepay required. Paypal or Cashapp for holding! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

$45 Calming Tangerine Sunrise Gift Basket ($60 Value)
Includes Tangerine Sunrise Candle. Calming Tangerine Coconut Massage Oil. Matching Perfume Solid, Bath Salt, Jojoba Lotion, Potpourri w/sachet.
Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel.
Lindt Roasted Hazelnut.

The Glamour Basket $75 ($108 Value) Includes 5 sugar body scrubs: Red Velvet Sheets. Melon Cucumber Soda. Summer Creamsickle. Strawberrii. Strawberrii Champagne. 3 perfume solids: Sexx On The Beach. Honeysuckle. White Nectarine & Piink Coral. 2 body oils: Pearberrii. White Nectarine & Piink Coral. 2 Dove Chocolate Bars. 2 bath salts: Honeysuckle. Tea Tree
1 body mist: Pearberrii

2 wax melts: Lavender Lemon. Red Velvet Sheets.
1 coconut massage oil: Lavender & Lemon.