As a young girl, I began my journey of sales and creativity. Beaded jewelry being my first niche, I began to venture off and expand into gift baskets. This required more merchandise, leading me to layered food jars and spa products to fill the void. But I didn't stop at gift making. My creative flow boiled over into the music industry with r&b and hip hop but also providing graphic services, web design and promotional materials to independent artists and businesses.

My struggle with cervical dysplasia empowered me to address women's health issues. This inspired my jewelry lines for cervical cancer awareness, breast cancer awareness and gay pride. Also bringing about writing and blogging, I formed several sites to assist in women's health and help discussions. 

Somehow, all of these things found their way to tie in together under the MeSha810 Umbrella.


   After my stint with Cervical Dysplasia in August of 2010, I began 

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Last, but not least, if I haven't talked to you or you don't support me or my movements... REMOVE TAG! Why request support that you don't give? I just have to ask but knowing the remedial reader, you don't know wtf I'm talking about.

MM: MeSha Moments

In the beginning, there is love, care, tenderness and understanding. The relationship is fresh and new. As the beginning grows into a middle, a bond has been secured and the loyalty is visible. But as the end comes near, a certain stale taste lingers on the tongue and the appreciation has fizzled away.