Orange Skull Galaxy Chunky Bracelet

$ 15 USD

White, yellow & orange hue accented with gold flaked and orange skulls. Blended polymer pieces. Original Piece

Tangerine Dream Chunky Bracelet

$ 20 USD

Tangerine & salmon, red & cream colored turtle pattern clay beads with silver accents. Original piece.

Blood Orange Crush Chunky Bracelet

$ 15 USD

Red & orange turtle pattern clay beads with heavy red. Original piece.

Red Rose Chunky Bracelet

$ 18 USD

Turtle shell patterns of white and gold with red and gold clay beads. Accents of cream and rose beads. Original piece.

Cracked Peach Chunky Bracelet

$ 20 USD

An offset of peach to salmon cracked beads but covered in red overtones. Peach and red gold leopard and turtle shell patterned clay beads. Original piece.

Yellow & Teal Chunky Bracelet

$ 15 USD

Accented with turtle shell patterned polymer beads. Original Piece

Teal in Egypt Chunky Bracelet

$ 18 USD

Leopard teal and gold clay beads surrounded in teal jewels accented with a mustard gold. Original piece.

Lemonade Hope Chunky Bracelet

$ 12 USD

Lemon yellow turtle shell patterned clay beads accented with mint and silver birds of hope. Original piece.

Alien Chunky Bracelet

$ 15 USD

Lime and green shades with turquoise wisp leopard patterns and lime and white turtle pattered clay beads shaped like space ships. Original piece.

Olive Spirit Chunky Bracelet

$ 16 USD

Olive turtle patterned clay beads with the mix of heavy lime, green and turquoise leopard. This is a green piece touched with the spirit of olive hues. Original piece.

Cyan Ice Chunky Bracelet

$ 15 USD

A blue ice of silver and white turtle patterned clay beads set off by hues of cyan. Original piece.